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On E-Scooters: The Government will be debating E-Scooters soon, and my MP Sarah Jones has told me she will be forwarding this solution. Greenpeace agree with this idea. For Towns 'streets and roads', make one Pavement for Pedestrians ... [more]

Signs for joined paths

GWR need to make their Inter City Express Trains able to easily take tandem bicycles so disabled people are not discrimintated against when they ride with their partners. Bad for tourism!

Ban cars from parking on cycle route

Improve signage to Combe Down Tunnel

General traffic should not route via the narrow High Street. Route all traffic via Crown Road, by two-way working from Trafalgar Road to Crown Road/High Street and Weston Lane/Crown Hill. The High Street can then be used solely for re ... [more]

Improve signage to cycle path

Improved signage to start or Bristol to Bath cycle path

Lymore Avenue is a narrow road that has limited visibility due to terrain and a very narrow pavement. People drive very fast in the road. There is a junior school at one end and a care home at the other. Pavement widening and traffic calmin ... [more]

Just a hundred metres of cycleway or shared-use needed to link with the riverside cycleway

This is a dual carriageway. Increase the speed limit to 60 mph

It is fine as it is, serves the purpose as a main road in and out of Bath. The canal tow path gives an excellent cycle and walking alternative.

This is the main road into Bath. There is no room for a bi directional cycle lane. However if a compulsory purchase order was made for all the front gardens... Alternatively the cyclists could use the canal towpath.

This is the main road into Bath. There is no room for a bi directional cycle lane. However if a compulsory purchase order was made for all the front gardens... Alternatively the cyclists could use the canal towpath.

The 2-tunnels route crosses the Camerton Branch in Midford, heading more SW-NE at this point, heading towards Monkton Coombe. Tucking Mill Lane is very narrow, hilly, poorly surfaced, and has regular cars, vans etc on it. There is an opport ... [more]

Whole Broad Quay/Somerset St needs Dutch Design cycle facility

Proper enclosed cycleway needed here.

Open the fishing access road to cycles and pedestrians for a disabled accessible route alone the south shore of the lake

The entire length of this road should include a cycleway. This will link chew stoke and chew magna, but also provide a safe cycle commute link to children at the school from 2 of its largest and closest catchment villages. Children should b ... [more]

The cycle path just stops at the more difficult section (up hill). It should be extended or access to wally lane via the acces roads to the sailing club. The roads are already there. It’s just access needed from Bristol Water, who I belie ... [more]

Lansdown Rd needs 20mph, to slow cars down and allow cyclists coming down to turn right into Morford St

Cycle contraflow needs better signage

This road could be a dedicated cut through for cycles only, a safe link through to the london road.

Traffic goes so fast down Lansdown Road even though it is 30mph. We desperately need a cycle lane and there is plenty of room for one

Road needs a cycle lane going East as road narrows and is full of heavy traffic

The whole of the Upper Bristol Road, from Queen Square to Windsor Bridge, is dangerous to cycle. In the short term: 1. remove all on street parking, 2. install physically segregated cycle lanes on both sides using cheap plastic bollar ... [more]

Widen the pavement

There are a few cars that regularly park on the pavement along this bend, making it difficult to walk past, and impossible for anyone with a pushchair or wheelchair without going out into the road.

Vehicles are frequently parked on the cycleway on Beaufort Square, which is very dangerous when coming round a 90 degree bend.

More needed to prevent parking of delivery vehicles on this cycleway.

Add a cycle lane to the westbound side of the dual carriageway.

Car parking along this road narrows it for cyclists. A dedicated cycle path separated from the main carriageway, coupled with wider pavements would make this a more user friendly route.

Officially cycling stops here - how do you get to the city centre / railway without now walking??

Not enough space for walking, cycling and cars.

Fast traffic needs slowing

No cycle lane for the outbound cyclist, only inbound...

No cycle lane for the outbound cyclist, only inbound...

Dangerous junction for cyclists. A great scheme was prepared some years ago to improve the situation. Lets get it implemented

Dedicate one of the 4 lanes of this dual carriageway for cycling

This section of road is particularly difficult for cyclists due to its narrowness, high wall on one side and parked cars on the other. Need to give up some of the car parking space

Cars parked on pavements. No room for social distancing. Cars and other vehicles speeding making it dangerous for cyclists, walkers and children.

Not enough space for cycles and traffic. Often traffic drives too close. Speeding traffic. Especially difficult for children on school routes.

Pavement parking

Steep Hill. Cycleway needed as traffic often does not give enough space. Speeding traffic.

Cycleway. Fast traffic.

Safe "all ages and abilities" cross-town route needed between the three railway paths that centre on Radstock.

Segregated cycleway needed between the end of Norton-Radstock Greenway to at least Farrington Gurney. Farrington Gurney has no safe walking and cycling route to the nearest town, Midsomer Norton. The A362 is a narrow and very busy single ... [more]

Segregated cycleway between the end of the Norton-Radstock Greenway and Tesco along Northmead Road and Thicket Mead.

Increase width to accommodate cycling and walking more safely.

Completely full of potholes. Surface not suitable for anything but a mountain bike.

Water draining off fields leading to road surface breaking up and potholes

A very busy A road where vehicle useage is extremely high, particularly buses & lorries, and ‘close passes’ are seen far too often due to roadside car parking. It is also close to a major Bath school where the ‘school run’ is neces ... [more]

A busy road forming part of the southern route around Bath city where vehicle usage is high & ‘close passes’ are seen regularly

Cars parked on pavements & it is part of the southern route around Bath city centre where useage & speed of motor vehicles are high

Very tight impossible to pass with social distancing.Pathway needs to be wider and hedgerows cut back

This is narrow. Make sure drivers give space to cyclists

Make this a continuous cycleway that connects to Bath so people can cycle into Bath safely and easily

Need cycle lanes on both sides of London Rd. This road is terrifying to cycle East the whole length.

Imagine this street car free! Now that would make it famous

This road just gets used by parents taking their kids to school. Why dont we make the roads in Bath safer to cycle or they can get the bus?

Make a safe bi-directional cycle way which is separate from the fast road

Fast road, something needs to be done for cyclists

We dont need this road. Maybe deliveries only at certain times of day?

More space for walking, cycling, breathing. Make this one way

The need to big improvements here to make it safe for cyclists

How about this becomes part of Bath's one way system?

Just close this road.

Close this road. People with disabilities yes and deliveries before 10am.

No one should need to drive this road. People with disabilities yes and deliveries before 10am.

The cycle lanes here are god awful. Such a waste of money. Narrow the roads and make a space for a CONTINUOUS bidirectional flow of bike from Milsom St to the A46 roundabout!

This bridge and much of Bath should be made one-way flow of traffic. Use the space for cleaner air, walking and kids cycling to school instead

Cycleway would be really useful here as cars often close pass.

Cycleway is often littered with rubbish, glass and trees. Cleaned more often

The cycle path going south on Charlton road is shocking considering that this is new infrastructure. Instead of just carrying along the side of the road (there is ample room) the user is guided into the residential streets where the cyc ... [more]

Too narrow to pass on the pavement without stepping out onto the road which is busy and speeding black spot

Cycle path needed uphill as traffic comes very close on this hill and often overtakes are done dangerously.

The existing marked out line for pedestrians is worn out and the path overgrown with bushes anyway. No cycle section exists. The 20 mph speed limit is never observed. If this road could be made one way it would stop it being used as a rat r ... [more]

Poor quality cycle lane. Cars regularly use cycle lane as a parking spot for lake

Crossing needed

Too many fast cars speed down this short cut

Cars are given 100% of the road, no pavement at all.

Make two way for cyclists

Make all junctions on this path pedestrian priority. Also widen the path all the way to Saltford.

Close the high street to cars to let people move around easier and have a nicer atmosphere

Narrow pavement with cars usually parked on it. Remove road parking and make pavement wider. Also make the road one way to make it easier to cycle up.

Pavement too narrow for distancing. Cars often parked on pavement near roundabout. Widen pavement and stop cars parking on it.

Pavement not wide enough for 2 people to walk

Pavement too narrow for walking with children. I have a pram and a 4 year old that needs to walk in front of me which is horrible as the path is narrow and cars come so close to you when you are walking.

This route would be an excellent way to connect the b2b cyclepath to the quiet lanes around newton st loe. There is already underpasses for both the a4 and the railway. Please create a route here.

Pavement extremely narrow and traffic going at great speed. Ideally find a way to increase width of pavement, create passing places.

The shared cycle path into keynesham just vanishes. Cyclists have to go on busy road with many parked cars and roundabout. Pleaae make a clear route.

There is no cycle path on thid section of a4. Very dangerous to cycle on. The alternative is a circuitous route through keynsham. Ideally a cyclepath should be added. If this could also include a route up to the railway station then all the ... [more]

Too narrow to pass and overgrown with bushes, road too fast to step out into with children

Path not wide enough and overgrown. Very fast road as well.

Needs a dedicated pathway for walkers to travel along safely.

Needs a dedicated cycleway to make it safer for cyclists

Busy paths with three schools on one site. Busy route towards the A4 too. Not enough room during peak times, but not particularly safe feeling to be on a bike when it’s busy - lots of parked cars, cars speeding past to get to school/work ... [more]

Add cycle lane and protection on Staunton Lane and onto Sleep lane to join the Whitchurch cycle path to the lanes.

Make into a dedicated walking and cycling route. Road is full of pot holes, rubbish and glass

This as part of a cycle route Bristol to Keynsham. Cycle route inadequate (awful).

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